Hello! My name is Matthew Cartwright-Speakman. I come from a small town called Wigan whichis located within greater lancashire. The areas within graphic design which interest me the most are the more abstract topics which people do not cover or design for, these areas hold the most potential in my opinion. The introduction of techniques and imagery to make something appeal has always been fascinating to me and is somethng that I have brought to every project I have done so far. The work that I produce is always designed with a specific purpose in mind, no matter how big or small
the piece is. Everything is just as important.

My interests outside of the graphic design world include hiking, reading and creating designs for ideas which I have made up in my head. I much prefer to be designing for someone, creating a piece which benefits another is the biggest reward.

Want to learn more?
My email is stated below. Feel free to contact about any enquiries that you may have about the work or any work you maywish me to help you with.

EMAIL: mattyspeakman980@gmail.com