1. Who am I and what do I do?
2. What have I done?
3. What do I wish to do?

[1] Hello, my name is Matthew Cartwright-Speakman. I am a junior graphic designer, artist, and average football enjoyer. I would describe myself as hardworking, motivated, eager, and calm. I approach every challenge and brief with an eagerness to create a design that concept to be brought to life with the most attention to detail it can have. Also, I like football, did I mention that?

[2] Some of the current work that I have been doing has varied in their approaches. The current project and media that I wish to pursue are branding and UI, with the task that I have given myself to rebrand and design the Wigan Athletic football club. However, I have also created various physical designs, from perfect-bound books to ring bound leaflets, business cards, and concertinas. With each idea being suited to the work at hand, giving the best possible outcome possible.

[3] The areas of work that I wish to pursue and create are meaningful branding elements, such as websites, flyers, logos, and business cards. For companies big or small, with the hope that the work that is produced to help them grow and achieve their goals. Whist helping their consumers to get the most out of the designs as well as the client, making overall experiences just that little bit easier. Who doesn’t want that?



Saturday April 8 2023